Communication and Translation

All services offered by Dynamic Words focus on the communication between people, including not only translation of written texts but also interpreting, language courses and intercultural communication.


A constantly increasing international exchange and expanding globalisation make translations of written text more and more important. I principally translate texts from and into Swedish, English, German and Spanish. Translation Services


Interpreting imply the transfer of verbal utterances from a source language into a target language. As an interpreter, I work from and into Swedish, English and German. Read Interpreting Services

Fair Services

Participating at an international fair in a unfamiliar city or in a foreign country means solving several organisational and linguistic problems. Booking Dynamic Words' fair services is a step towards a well accomplished and successful fair. Fair Services

Intercultural Communication

It is not unusual that problems or conflicts arise during business contacts between Swedish and British or German companies, or indeed at personal contacts and encounters. These difficulties often have their origin in the different expectations of the parties and that their knowledge about social behaviour patterns and of the other culture differs and influences their communication.

Prepare yourself for the encounter with Sweden and the Swedes. Find out what to expect and what will be expected from you when you meet the Swedish culture by booking one of Dynamic Words' Intercultural Seminars

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want a non-binding quotation. Contact

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