Working Practice

Technical Equipment

Dynamic Words use high quality technical equipment when processing our client’s assignments.

This includes high performance computer, hardware and software, printers, scanners, label printer, fast broad band Internet, modern electronic dictionaries and Computer Aided Translation Tools CAT and Translation Memories. Conventional dictionaries and up to date technical and specialist books and magazines are used when translating technical texts.

Laptops and Desktop Computers

We work with High-End laptop computers. All computers have been designed to meet the special requirements of the translation process.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows7® (all versions)
Vista Business® (current versions)
(compatibility from/to Windows 98® possible for all Windows versions).


Microsoft Windows® based software

The software listed below (only the most important listed here) are used and constantly upgraded.

  • ADOBE-ACROBAT PROFESSIONAL® - present version/2012
  • Microsoft WORD® - present version/2012
  • Microsoft EXCEL® and PowerPoint® - present versions/2012
  • SDL Trados Freelance 2007®
  • SDL Trados Studio 2009®
  • SDL Trados Studio 2011®
  • WordFinder® - present version/2012
  • Abbyy FineReader® - present version/2012
  • Total Commander® - present version/2012
  • NERO® - present version/2012
  • Symantec-Systemworks® & Internetsecurity® 2011 Norton for Windows Vista Business
  • Symantec / Norton 360 from 2012 for Windows 7
  • Phoenix Backup® - present version/2012 - backup for Vista Business and Windows 7

Packer - all common formats (zip / rar / hrj... etc.) supported. Conversion from the original file format to other formats that can be manually processed keeping the original structure of the file is possible.


I work with Sun-Linux based software: OPEN OFFICE

  • Open Office
  • from 1.1.0 up to the current version 3.3.
  • Writer; Calculator, presentations

I also work with: LIBREOFFICE

  • LibreOffice
  • present version/2012
  • Writer; Calculator, presentations

All programs mentioned above are registered trademarks (manufacturer information only is binding!).

File encryption

Phishing, skimming, spy ware, e-mails being captured and read by others, files being stolen...
Do you want your confidential information to be processed and sent in a safe way? If required, your files can be processed and sent as encrypted files. Your translation is processed and the files are sent in a high-end bit mode. Either as a file and you will receive the corresponding password in a separate e-mail/fax or by phone, or you receive a package with a self unpacking .exe file for which you decide the password.
This procedure is recommended by
- "Federal Office for Information Security " in Germany.

Computer crashed? All your data files lost? - Data Backup

Data backup has the highest priority at Dynamic Words. We do backups of all relevant and current data every day! Your files* are safe with us* - even if one PC should crash. All files are saved on two different external hard drives.

*Some clients do not (to keep their product/invention safe) want their files/data to be included in this back up. These files/data is EXCLUDED from the daily backup and are processed separately and deleted when the project is completed.

CAT and Translation Memories 

CAT - Computer Aided Translation - implies that different computer programs are used to handle and process different data files and their formatting. In Translation Memories, one sentence from the source text is saved together with its corresponding target text sentence. This facilitates a fast translation process and a consistent usage of the correct terminology.

Translating texts with CAT-tools or Translation Memories is NOT a machine translation process. Translation Memories only provide the translator with suggestions if similar, already translated sentences exist. The translator has to check these suggestions and if needed adapt them to the text in question.

When translating long, redundant texts, Translation Memories ensure a consistent use of the adequate terminology through out the whole document. They are used as support when compiling quality terminology lists, glossaries or databases.

SDL Trados, SDLX, Passolo, Transit, Acces, Wordfast Déja Vu are some examples of CAT-tolls. I work with SDL Trados and Across.


Further education

Further education is part of every day life at Dynamic Words. Already existing knowledge and qualifications are constantly deepened and diversified by seminars and courses involving linguistics, translation science, engineering, law and computer technology.


Across - Vertiefungsseminar Online-Marketing
SAE-J2450 Across - Grundlagenseminar
SDL TRADOS 2009 Grundlagenseminar English Technical Writing etc.
Mailing an potenzielle Kunden TRADOS Vertiefungsseminar
Effizienter arbeiten mit Microsoft Word Selbstmarketing für Übersetzer und Dolmetscher
Urkundenübersetzen Übersetzen von Rechtstexten
Der Strafprozess in Deutschland Dolmetschen von A bis Z

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