Private Language Courses

The Swedish language has a lot in common with English and German. Its grammar is relatively easy and people with German or English as their mother tongue normally find it easy to learn the basic structures of the Swedish language.

Private Tuition

Private tuition with one single participant provides the best conditions for an individually adapted learning pace. The lessons are worked out based on the participant's personal interests and needs and offer possibilities for a specific and intense language training. The classes can be held at Dynamic Words, in the participant's home or as practical training shipping or visiting a cafe.

Private Lessons in Small Groups

Learning a language in in small groups together with other people often is more fun and provides possibilities to practice the language in practical exercises using different learning methods. Content, goal and pace of the course is worked out together with the participants.


Describe your needs and wishes concerning a private language course and send these per e-mail, fax or mail. I will provide a non-binding quotation. Please state as much information as possible, e.g. number of participants, previous knowledge, number of lessons (45 min), the purpose and goal of the course, content, desired location etc. This information facilitates a quick and accurate quotation.


A Personal Comment on Private Language Courses:

Swedish is gaining in popularity, first and foremost in Germany. Many Germans spend their holydays in Sweden or even have a house of their own in Sweden. A lot of British and American tourists visit Sweden and many students are spending a term or even a year studying in Sweden. Others have regular business relations with Swedish companies or colleagues.

There is normally no problem to communicate in English or even German in Sweden but knowledge of the Swedish language can open up many new doors and give you a special contact to the people and the Swedish culture. The Swedes often feel flattered and happy when they notice that a foreigner is making an effort to learn Swedish.

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