Intercultural Communication

One might think that cultural differences between countries like Sweden and United Kingdom or Germany are minor and of limited extent.

However, problems or even conflicts do arise in business relations between parties from these countries and they are often caused by the participants' different experiences, expectations and social attitudes.

Intercultural Seminars

Dynamic Words' seminars involving intercultural communication is foremost offered to businesses and companies. The seminars can also be adapted for individuals preparing to move to Sweden or planning to work in Sweden for a period of time.

The intercultural seminars focus on the identification, description and understanding of prejudices and cultural and social differences between Sweden and United Kingdom or Germany. The seminars are adapted to the client's needs and provide solutions for preventing problems arising in the contact with Swedish colleagues or business partners. Thus, good conditions for a long and prosperous cooperation can be created.

A positive side effect of this knowledge is that it can lead to unexpected invitations and give you the chance to find friends for life!

Intercultural Confusion

Why is the Swedish colleague in such a bad mood? How many sweets does he need per day? And what is the secret about the knife in the butter? Find out in an intercultural seminar!


A personal Comment on Intercultural Communication:

Intercultural communication is a relatively unknown concept. In spite of that unpleasant experiences with international business contacts and communication problems with partners from different cultures are not unknown. However, the partners involved are often not able to identify, explain and understand the reasons behind these difficulties.

Intercultural training can identify and clarify cultural differences and the parties can learn to be aware of the expectations and values of the opposite party. Thus, the foundation of a prosperous and successful cooperation can be significantly improved.

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