Business Courses

Business relations with Swedish partners are mostly considered as uncomplicated. Nevertheless, they are often influenced by the different expectations and experiences of the parties involved. Dynamic Words specially customized language courses offers an ideal preparation for this intercultural business relation.

Courses for Companies

All courses are adapted to the particular company's needs and requirements. The courses focus on certain important fields, terminology and communication situations. The participants' needs, wishes and expectations constitute the base of the course content and are combined with grammar and cultural and intercultural topics.

Private Courses

A private course gives individuals who are about to begin a particular cooperation with a Swedish partner or will take on a special assignment in Sweden an individually adapted learning method. The focus of the training, its pace and methods are worked out together with the participant and his or her employer in advance.

Learn more about Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Differences

Is your Swedish boss acting strange? How many cups of coffee can one drink in one day? Does your Swedish partner show a completely unexpected reaction in a normal situation? How many meetings are needed before a decision can be made?

Simple but in some situations rather confusing issues are explained in a language course or an intercultural seminar!


A Personal Comment on Business Courses:

When visiting or working in Sweden it is normally no problem using English. But the differences in culture and communications style found "between the lines" or when socializing are concealed and often overseen. This can lead to unexpected problems and even to conflicts. Dynamic Word's language courses prepare you for the small but still important subtleties in the relation with Swedish partners.

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