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Here are some examples of my clients' references. Learn more about how my qualities and services are valued by my clients.

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Translating Services

  • Scriptor Dokumentations Service GmbH, Germany

    "We are very pleased to work with Ms Englund (von Kurzynski). In a way that only a few translators can ... » read more
  • Patent Translations, Technical Translation Agency, Austria

    "Wir arbeiten bereits seit dem Jahr 2008 mit Monika Englund (von Kurzynski) zusammen. Unser Unternehmen benötigt ... » read more
  • Tilti Systems Language and Communication Solutions, Austria

    "On behalf of Tilti Systems GmbH, I hereby confirm that Ms. Monika Englund (von Kurzynski) has been working for us as ... » read more
  • ProLicht Werbung GmbH, Germany

    "Thank you very much for the quick and competent work! You have helped us very much. We will ... » read more
  • admundi LANGUAGE SERVICES, Germany

    "The copperation with Ms Englund (von Kurzynski) is characterised by a clear communication ... » read more
  • Jourist Verlags GmbH, Germany

    "Our reference: It is a great pleasure to work with Ms Monika Englund (von Kurzynski) for the three following reasons ... » read more
  • NATUS GmbH & Co. KG, Elektrotechnische Spezialfabrik für Industrie-Schaltanlagen-Systeme, Germany

    "We would like to say thank you for the good cooperation. We have recieved a competent completion ... » read more
  • Fasttranslator Translation Agency, Germany

    "Monika Englund (von Kurzynski) is working for our company since August 2008. She has fulfilled ... » read more
  • Technical Translation Agency GmbH, Austria
  • Patent Translations, Technical Translation Agency GmbH, Austria
  • Language Services TUI Dienstleistungs GmbH, Germany
  • IDEA Sprachendienst, Germany
  • Tilti Systems Language and Communication Solutions, Austria

Interpreting and Fair Services

  • County Police, Land Brandenburg, Germany

    "It is a particular personal matter of concern for Mr. Uhlenbruck [remark: Head of the Federal Unit of the Police in the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany] to express ... » read more
  • Multicam, USA

    "Thank you very much for your help in the Ligna show in Hanover, Germany. We were very pleased with your performance ... » read more
  • TREJON, Sweden

    "Monika Englund (von Kurzynski) worked as an interpreter and hostess in our stand during the agritechnical fair Agritechnica ... » read more
  • Landkreis Peine, Germany

    Interpreting assignment at the first European Education Conference in Administrative District Peine, Germany.
  • Hannovermässans Sverigekontor, Sweden

* Translated from German. Read the original reference on Referenzen
** Translated from Swedish. Read the original reference on Referenser

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