Here you find information on fees and prices for all of Dynamic Words services. Price statements are general and can vary depending on the extension of the assignment, intensity of work etc.


The price for a translation depends on language pair, technical area, degree of difficulty, time available, repetitions in the text, possibility to use already existing Translation Memories etc. Prices are normally quoted either as price per line (55 characters incl. spacing), word price or hourly fee.
Special prices can be agreed upon for long term cooperation's or extensive assignments.


Interpreting assignments are calculated as an hourly fee or price per day. The price depends on whether or not the interpreting assignment is to be done into one language (e.g. English into Swedish) or between two languages (English & Swedish). Travel and food expenses, accommodation etc. are not included.

Fair Services

The price for Fair Services correlates with the services required. The services offered are: fair guide, fair guide and interpreter or an individually worked out concept with other required services (hotel reservations, fair preparation etc.).
The price is calculated as an hourly fee or price per day.

Language Courses

The price for a Language Course depend on the number of participants, language level, course location, travel expenses etc. A standard lesson comprises 45 minutes and generally the lessons are booked as a pair of two 45 minutes sessions.

Intercultural Training

Intercultural Seminars are either offered as a standard concept or as individually worked out seminars. The price for these seminars derives from the number of hours and the extension of necessary preparations and design of learning material. There are different standard concepts for groups and individuals that also can be adapted to special requirements.
Private courses for individuals starting an employment in Sweden can be worked out on special inquiry.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want a non-binding quotation. Contact

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