Legal Translation

Legal texts are often considered to be particularly difficult to translate. Unlike technical texts, that manily describe tangible objects, legal texts are often very abstract.

Different types of Legal Translations

  • General legal texts
  • Legal articles
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Claims and petitions
  • Patents
  • Deeds, certificates and diplomas

Special Legal Areas: Civil law, Criminal law and Patent law

Swedisch Book of Law

As appear from my CV and my profile, I have very solid and extensive knowledge concerning the Swedish, German and English legal systems as well as the different legal languages.

I translate different text types, primarily texts involving civil law, criminal law and patent law.


If you send me a text via e-mail, fax or mail I will provide a non-binding quotation. Information about delivery date, type of delivery, any already existing translations or existing terminology lists or glossaries or Translation Memories, or usage of company specific terminology, as well as other complementary information guarantees a quick and detailed process of every inquiry.


A Personal Comment on Legal Translation:

Whit this type of texts it is of vital importance that the translator has the required knowledge concerning the intern an extern convention of the respective language (e.g. formal and standing wording, text layout, formalities etc.).

To translate a legal text from one legal system into another legal system does not only involve the mere translation of the language, the text must indeed be transformed and maybe even be commented according to the differences in the respective conventions. A translation of high quality can only be obtained if the translator possess the special legal knowledge required.

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